The REAL start to the season

Never mind the Premier league, international games or the Champions League….

My sunday league season kicks off this weekend!

I’ve played sunday football for as long as I care to remember and have missed very few games over the years and I’ll be honest playing football always comes ahead of watching.

Pre-season feels like it’s gone on for ages this year so I’m glad the proper games are finally here. I’ve personally been in decent form and the while the team has a lot of new faces I think we’re potentially stronger than last year

My final warm up game was last night. I went to play for a “old boys XI” with the very first team I played for (at adult level). It was great to see the old team again. I don’t live in the area anymore so a lot of people I haven’t seen in literally years

The games was against the Birmingham Police football team and we won 5-2

I’ve had better days in front of goal but I didn’t manage to grab a tap in when their keeper gifted the ball to me after taking a heavy touch on a back pass

I’ve left it a bit late but I’ll be on the lookout for a new pair of boots tomorrow. The current pair I have will be ok for sunday but I fear they’ll not last the next few months

These look great but not sure if i can stretch that far!

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