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Florentino Perez forgets how the transfer system works

The Real Madrid president has been complaining about “inflated” prices according to

"We made huge attempts at the start to sign players who had won the Ballon d’Or or the World Footballer of the Year award," Perez said, according to The Daily Telegraph.

"But the arrivals of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo have confused some people who obviously thought that, because we said we wanted more Spanish players, they could ask for fees which don’t correspond to reality.

"A year ago, certain players we have asked about would have cost less than half the price we are being quoted now. There is nothing that justifies these prices."

Oh dear, oh dear

When you go to big clubs such as AC Milan or Manchester United and ask if you can have their best players they generally say “no chance” and put an unrealistic valuation on them to scare potential suitors away

That’s why they paid so much for Kaka and Ronaldo

Liverpool probably don’t want to lose Xabi Alonso so are holding out for the 30 million that would compensate for the loss

I also think Perez is also wrong in trying to use the Ballon d’Or and World Footballer of the Year award as reasons for paying higher prices

Only one person a year can win each of the awards! It’s not Liverpool (or any other teams) fault their star player didn’t win it that year

If these awards are a barometer for valuations why did they pay 41 million Euros for Benzema? Alex Ferguson thought it was a step too far

"We tried to spend it on Benzema because, at 21, I felt there would be an improvement there.

"He is tough, has a good physique, a good goal scoring record, so it was worth going a wee bit extra for him because of his age. But when it went to £42 million, it was beyond his value. We went to £35 million and I think that was fair.