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Celtic Snare Fox

Gotta love those Sky Sports headline writers!

The Sky Sports article confirms that Danny Fox has signed for Celtic for £1.5 million on a four year deal

I’ll be honest this came as a bit of surprise to me. Not the fact that he’s left Coventry, the value of the deal and the fact no-one else came in for him

As a Walsall fan I always knew it would be a matter of time before Danny Fox moved on. He was very obviously one of the better players in the team so when Coventry came in for him and Scott Dan it wasn’t exactly a shock

Since then all the Coventry fans I’ve spoken to all tell me how great he’s been for them. Then, when Birmingham made their move and snapped up Scott Dann (rumoured to be in-between £3.5-£4 million) I thought it would be only a matter of time before Danny Fox left for a similar sort of figure but since then the only media speculation was that Nottingham Forest were interested with some late interest from West Brom after Paul Robinson left for Bolton

Tony Mowbray obviously had his eye on him when he was at West Brom and it was all wrapped up today

As I mentioned at the start £1.5 million seems a bit of a bargain considering Scott Dann moved to Birmingham for up to £4 million

Celtic like their Midlander left backs though with long term servant Lee Naylor starting his career with Wolves!

Walsall reportedly will pick up around £250,000 from a sell-on clause in Scot Dann’s contract and I imagine Danny Fox would have has similar terms in his paperwork