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Zlatan, Eto’o – crazy!

I still can’t get over this deal

Barcelona are now the proud owners of Zlatan Ibrahimovic who signed a five year deal yesterday

Here is the unveiling ceremony (via 101GG)

In return Inter Milan will reportedly receive 45 million Euros, Alexander Hleb on loan for the season AND Samuel Eto’o

While I think Ibrahimovic is a vastly talented striker I also think Eto’o is still one of the best strikers in Europe

Even Jose Mourinho has a similar viewpoint

"This seems an extraordinary deal to me, a €100m (£86m) deal, the deal of the summer.

"For me it’s worth 100 million because Eto’o is not worth a euro less than Ibra."

I think a straight swap wouldn’t have been unreasonable business but to get another player and a shedload of cash is a bit of a steal

Barcelona supposedly valued Eto’o at 20 million Euros (according to this) even before you take the Hleb deal into account that places Ibrahimovic in the 60-65 million Euro bracket

It’ll be interesting to see how they both do at their new clubs!